Westone UM PRO 10 Review


If we take every possible factor into consideration, we could label UM Pro 10 as ‘expensive, durable, exceptional sound wise, and, most importantly, extremely valuable for the money’. The verdict is passed and we’re sure thousands, if not tens of thousands of audiophiles will easily agree on the fact that these headphones are simply doing too good of a job for the buck.

Westone UM Pro10... Westone UM Pro10... $149.99


  • Beautiful aesthetic part
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable eartips
  • Balanced soundstage
  • Refined bass and plenty of detail in the sound
  • Superb value for the money


  • The bass bleeds out if you don’t seal them properly


Westone’s UM Pro series has been the big thing for quite a while now, more precisely, for the past 2 years. The UM Pro 10 specifically has attracted a lot of attention by audiophiles and Hi-Fi lovers worldwide. In fact, these particular headphones are among ‘Amazon’s Choices’ in the in-ear monitor department. We can only say – rightly so.

These headphones look very exquisite, urban even, and as much as they excel in aesthetics, they do in terms of sonic performance as well. With a set of phenomenal driver units and a rugged cable, they offer a great, all around performance both sonically and durability wise.

Sound Quality

Sound performance is where UM PRO 10 excels the most, that much is certain. These headphones pack an armature driver unit which delivers a remarkably detailed, dynamic soundstage characterized with plenty of tonal clarity.

First and foremost, in order to fully embrace the majestic sound of these in ear monitors, you’ll need to fit them correctly – better said, tightly. Otherwise, the bass won’t feel so strong and pronounced. Even in the most ideal scenario, the bass isn’t too overwhelming, rather its accurate and subtle.

Overall, the soundstage is balanced, or better said as balanced as can be for a pair of in-ear monitors (some sound will eventually bleed in or out, leaving you with a sense of ‘disharmony’ in the soundstage).  You’ll notice that everything is place as you start to listen to diverse music – nothing is missing, nothing is lacking, and everything just seems to be as and where it was supposed to.

Lastly, you can’t help but appreciate the clarity these in ear headphones provide. If it wasn’t for this particular ‘benefit’ of sorts, all the others would’ve somewhat paled and appeared slightly less interesting and amazing.

Build Quality

Build quality UM 10 PRO

It’s interesting to see a set of in-ear headphones that can actually be characterized as ‘durable’. The cable is braided and fairly robust, and the heads are made of strong plastic components.

For what it’s worth, these headphones were manufactured in the States, which should be a bit of relief for everyone afraid of getting Chinese stock headphones with an upgraded cable.

On a side note, the UM Pro 10 comes in several colour variations, including black, blue, red, and ‘clear’ (white), although all the other colours aside from black have been discontinued.

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