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19 Best Albums to Own on Vinyl

With the coming of modern age, one would think that vinyl records are dead – they’re all but. Of course that playing your favourite tracks on iPhone or your favourite mixtape on PC/laptop is convenient, but most audiophiles can agree on one thing – playing your music on record players is the real deal.

We’re here today to discuss 19 albums that you absolutely need to own on vinyl – it would be a sacrilege to play these tunes on any other platform, so if you’re ready, let’s begin.

19 Best Albums You Should Own on Vinyl

1. Beatles – Revolver

Revolver [Mono LP]
The Beatles, Revolver [Mono LP] - Capitol - Vinyl

We’re starting off with a classy one. Beatles were and are, by far, the single most popular band on the whole planet. If you have the opportunity and cash, it would be best if you owned all of their work on vinyl, but if not, Revolver shouldn’t be skipped, even if you never liked Beatles in the first place.

This album was (among other things) the reason why the Beatles earned so much fame – even though it features only about 35 minutes of playtime, there are 14 groundbreaking tracks, such as the Taxman, She Said She Said, and the ever so famous Doctor Robert which will melt you down.

2. Black Keys – Thickfreakness

THE BLACK KEYS, Thickfreakness [Vinyl] - Fat Possum - Vinyl

People who like mellow rock combined with groovy piano backs should check Black Keys out. These guys aren’t as young as the Beatles, but they’ve done an amazing job with this one. In fact, it’s their second release which lasts approximately 39 minutes and 12 tracks, including the Jap Bonus Track called “Evil”.

3. Black Sabbath –  Master of Reality

Master Of Reality...
Black Sabbath, Master Of Reality (180 Gram Vinyl) - Rhino/Warner Bros. - Vinyl

Master of reality is easily the most favourite album of nearly all Black Sabbath fans. Every single song is a masterpiece, and things like Solitude and Into the Void shouldn’t be played on anything but vinyl.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the “Children of the Grave” – a song that cemented Black Sabbath’s reputation as one of the most innovative bands ever. If you have the chance, stock up on every BS vinyl you can – these guys have dozens of albums, and picking “the best one” is a very tricky job.

4. The White Stripes – Get Behind me Satan

Get Behind Me Satan
WHITE STRIPES, Get Behind Me Satan - Third Man Records - Vinyl

Although the title of this album is a bit controversial, the White Stripes gained a lot of fame from it. This is a fifth album by this amazing American rock band, and you’ll be able to enjoy some 44 minutes of pure groove with Red Rain, Instinct Blues, and White Moon.

5. Prince – Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Prince’s passing was a shock to every little soul who knew how big of an impact he made on the music scene. That’s all the more reason why it would be a great way to honour his memory by getting one of his finest works – the Purple Rain. With 43 minutes of new wave r&B, The Beautiful Ones, Purple Rain, and Father’s Song will rock your turntable.

6. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the...
Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon - Legacy - Vinyl

A classic, if there’s one, The Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most memorable and important albums ever written, even if we’re to discount the fact that it was made by the masters of music themselves. Every note, every track on this album sounds differently when you play it on a turntable, so if you want to see this pure masterpiece from the right angle, make sure to get it on vinyl.

7. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin III...
Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III (Remastered Original Vinyl) - Atlantic - Vinyl

Zeppelin’s have made history with every album they’ve released. For some, it’s the I, others like II, but we think that Led Zeppelin III is the thing you don’t want to miss out on. Friends, Out on the Tiles, Since I’ve Been Loving You – these are the moments turntables pay off.

8. Johnny Cash – Unchained

American Recordings
JOHNNY CASH, American Recordings - Universal - Vinyl

Johnny isn’t just a relic of the past. With the “Unchained” he proved that he can still do rock and blues, even though he’s gotten a bit older. This album is very interesting because it features guest appearances, including RHCP’s Flea, Mick Fleetwood, and Lindsay Buckingham. Lasts for 41 minutes, and we guarantee that a record player’s reproduction will make them worth the memory.

9. Bob Dylan – Desire

Bob Dylan: Desire
BOB DYLAN, Bob Dylan: Desire - Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs - Vinyl

Bob’s “Desire” was, perhaps, to share his mellow rock with the world, and ours is to advise you to try out his albums on vinyl players. This album is universally good, and it’s safe to say that you’ll like it regardless of what music genres you prefer.

10. Iron Maiden – Killers

Killers [LP]
Iron Maiden, Killers [LP] - Sanctuary - Vinyl

We’ve saved something heavy for the end. Iron Maiden’s Killers is an old release from this British heavy metal band, and it’s albums like these that show us how differently the music sounds when played on a CD and when played on a record player. Even if you don’t like metal or rock, the “Killers” are worth checking out.

11. The Rolling Stones – Aftermath

Rolling Stones...
Rolling Stones AFter-math Digital Remastered vinyl lp - Vinyl

The Stones are in league with Sabbath, Beatles, and Judas Priest, that much is certain. However, the reason why we recommend checking this album out is because it simply sounds a bit too bland on any other format.

You will enjoy songs like ‘Doncha Bother Me’, ‘I am Waiting’, ‘Take it or leave it’, and ‘what to do’ atop of ‘Stupid Girl’, ‘Mother’s little helper’, ‘Under my thumb’, ‘Flight 505’, High and Dry’, and more.

Objectively speaking, there’s not a single band out there that’s been together as long as they did, and if you even remotely wish to figure out what they were up to with this album, we strongly recommend checking the ‘Aftermath’ out.

12. Pink Floyd – Meddle

PINK FLOYD, Meddle - US Music - Vinyl

Most people assume that Pink Floyd started out their career with ‘The Dark Side of the moon’, but as most band members claim, they’ve actually begun their magnum opus even before it. The ‘Meddle’ record is meant for people who dig the Pink Floyd sound and who want to get acquainted with what the band has done prior to reaching world fame.

13. Metallica – The Black Album

Metallica (2LP)
Metallica, Metallica (2LP) - Rhino/Blackened Recordings - Vinyl

Regardless of whether you’re a rock, metal, pop, or even a country lover, you know Metallica and you know what they stand for. The ‘Black album’ is characterized with impeccable technical performance which simply can’t be covered in a CD or DVD format. The ‘Black Album’ on vinyl sounds exactly as it was meant to be.

14. Madonna – True Blue

True Blue (180 Gram...
Madonna, True Blue (180 Gram Vinyl) - Rhino/Warner Bros. - Vinyl

After a couple of world-class rock records, it’s time to shift a bit towards the old-but-gold pop culture. Madonna is, apart from being among the most famous singers out there, a person that simply knew how to reach out and touch the souls of her fans, so having the ‘True Blue’ on vinyl will help you figure out how she’s done just that.

15. Frank Zappa – Jazz from hell

Jazz from Hell...
Frank Zappa, Jazz from Hell [Vinyl] - Capitol - Vinyl

You either love Zappa or you don’t, there’s no middle ground, but as a matter of actual fact, you can’t say you’re into jazz if you haven’t heard his ‘Jazz from hell’ record.

‘Damp Ankles’, ‘G-Spot Tornado’ and ‘Night School’ are some of the songs on this controversial record that you simply need to hear on vinyl in order to appreciate the detail of his virtuostic genius.

16. John Lennon – Mind Games

Mind Games [LP]
John Lennon, Mind Games [LP] - Capitol - Vinyl

The Beatles are, without any doubt, the band that had started the rock and roll evolution, and if there’s someone who deserves the credit for it more than most, it’s Lennon.

His solo record ‘Mind Games’ has very versatile catalogue of songs, including ‘Intuition’, ‘Meat City’, ‘You Are Here’, ‘Only People’, ‘Bring On The Lucie’ and such, so for every Beatles fan out there, this one’s a no brainer.

17. Devin Townsend – Addicted

Devin Townsend, Addicted - Plastic Head America - Vinyl

Devin earned his fame with the metal band called Strapping Young Lad, but what he did with his solo project appeals to fans of ‘music’ in its purest form.

He combines elements of various and mightily diverse music genres, so it’s safe to say that whatever music you’re listening to, you’ll find something to your liking on ‘Addicted’, with songs like ‘Resolve!’, ‘Awake!!’, Bend it like Bender!’ and ‘In-Ah!’, you’ll feel the hype he wanted to inspire in his listeners.

18. Dio – Last in Line


Late Ronnie James Dio is easily one of the most influential rock musicians of all time, and what better way to pay homage to him than to own his last record on vinyl – the ‘Last in Line’.

Interestingly enough, the remainder of his band (Vinny Appice and Vivian Campbell) continued on with his legacy, naming the band after this record. Songs like ‘One Night in the City’, ‘We rock’, and, of course ‘The Last in Line’ can be heard on this album.

19. Michael Jackson – Got to be there

Michael Jackson /...
Motown - Vinyl

The ‘Got the be there’ was Michael’s debut album, and in fact it sold out pretty great with a bit over 3 million sold copies.

It’s a great, ‘easy read’ so to speak, and if you happen to love MJ’s music, you should give it a try on vinyl where it shines the brightest. This record includes songs such as ‘I wanna be where you are’, ‘rocking robin’, ‘girl don’t take your love from me’, ‘in our small way’ ,and more.

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