Akai BT500 Review


All things considered, if you’re looking for a quality turntable, Akai’s BT500 might be worth checking out. It looks great, sounds awesome, have detachable RCA ports, and it’s exceptionally durable, even for an expensive record player. Though there are certain things that could’ve been done a bit better, such as the balancing instructions, for example, there are no real downfalls or drawbacks should actually dissuade you from giving it a shot. In terms of value, it’s most certainly superior to the vast majority of similarly priced turntables.


  • Great, authentic Hi-Fi sound
  • Detachable RCA connections
  • Bluetooth and traditional connectivity
  • One of the best-looking nostalgic record players available
  • Durable construction



  • The balancing instructions for the tonearm aren’t exactly well written
  • The Bluetooth connection is great, but somewhat limited


BT500 turntable

Akai is a fairly big name, but they never earned that much renown because of the turntables – they’re primarily digital piano makers. Logically, a brand that ‘makes’ music knows what it takes to manufacture a suitable platform for its reproduction, and so came the BT500. The BT500 is, in a nutshell, a great looking record player with a mellow, warm sounding sonic performance.

In essence, Akai’s BT500 is a classy, elegant looking turntable. It looks nostalgic alright, but it actually packs certain modern features, such as the Bluetooth streaming and the convenient slider buttons. With the walnut finish it looks rather amazing, but it has more to offer than just looks.

In all fairness, this is not an affordable record player per se, although it’s not that expensive either. It’s not your average turntable, especially since it delivers premium quality Hi-Fi performance, but even despite the fact that it’s somewhat expensive, it’s definitely worth the buck.

Sound Quality

First of all, there’s a very good reason why Akai’s BT500 has a ‘professional’ context. It’s a Hi-Fi powerhouse that delivers the sonic performance fit for audiophiles. It’s got a nice phono preamp and possesses the ability to automatically switch between speeds.

It features a fairly lightweight aluminium tonearm that boasts adjustable counterweight, providing accurate tracking, but what’s really great about it is the Audio-Technica’s AT95E cartridge that sounds fairly good for the price.

Perhaps it would be accurate to define BT500’s sound as warm and very ‘personal’, it most certainly brings that old-school ‘vinyl’ vibe to the room.

Build Quality

First things first, we could easily say that Akai’s BT500 is ‘durable’ per se, but that’s, in a sense, up to you. Minor assembly is required, and only by the presumption that you’ve gotten everything right can we say that it packs a ‘robust’ construction.

Most people get mesmerized by the looks of this exquisite turntable, but it would be more than fair to say that everything regarding its durability is fairly great as well. The base is stable, construction materials strong and firm, and it’s easy to deduce that Akai meant for it to withstand some serious abuse before giving in.

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